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AMC test is for international medical graduates to get license to work in Australia

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AMC test is for international medical graduates to get license to work in Australia

Australian Medical Council

International Medical Graduates seeking general registration with the Australian Medical Board can apply through the standard pathway. To qualify for limited registration, graduates must pass the AMC MCQ examination, a language proficiency exam (IELTS) and undergo 12 months of supervised training at an approved Australian position. To qualify for general registration, they will be required to pass either an AMC clinical exam or a workplace-based assessment at a verified assessment program. Upon completion of both the MCQ and clinical/workplace assessment exams, an AMC certificate is awarded.


You need to have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery provided by a training institution listed in the current International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and complete primary source verification to be eligible to apply to the AMC for assessment. Completing this verification and obtaining an AMC portfolio costs $500 AUD.  You must pass the AMC MCQ exam as well as the clinical/workplace assessment exams to receive the AMC certificate, but you can qualify for limited registration and be allowed to apply for supervised positions with only the AMC MCQ exam.

AMC MCQ Examination

The AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Examination is a computer-administered 3.5 hour session available in examination centers worldwide (but none in Egypt). The examination consists of 150 A-type MCQs (one correct response from five options)—120 scored items and 30 (non-scored) pilot items. The topics include adult medicine, adult surgery, ObGyn, child health, mental health and population health. After applying for the MCQ exam, you will receive a 12-month authorization to schedule one exam during that period. Exams are available on several days every month. The fees are $2720 UAD.

AMC Clinical Examination

The AMC Clinical Examination is an integrated multidisciplinary structured clinical assessment consisting of 20 stations, four are rest stations, with 10 minutes for each station, 8 minutes for actual assessment and 2 minutes for changeover. To pass the clinical exam, you must pass 12 out of the 16 stations. Stations may use actual patients, standardized patients or role-playing patients. It assesses clinical skills in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and psychiatry. It also assesses ability to communicate with patients, their families and other health workers. Scoring will be based on performance in history taking, physical examination, investigations, diagnosis, management, counselling and clinical procedures. You can only take the AMC clinical exam if you’ve passed the MCQ exam. The clinical exam must be taken in Australia. Candidates can view the examination dates open for scheduling, the closing dates and the number of places available. Several exam dates are available for each month but scheduling should be planned ahead to take into consideration the opening and closing dates for applications as well as demand for spots. The fees are $3530 AUD.

AMC Workplace-Based Assessment

After completing the AMC MCQ examination, a workplace-based assessment can be done instead of the clinical exam if the graduate is already working at one of the accredited assessment programs for his 12 months of supervised training. This is an assessment of clinical skills and knowledge by an AMC-accredited authority. There are limited numbers of assessment programs, and as a result, relatively few applicants are assessed through this pathway. The fees are $650 AUD.

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