Living in the Australia

How much does is it cost:
Before we break it down to the main points, you should know that these price are the average in the cities, and there are 2 main rules you have to apply all the time:
• Near the cities’ centers is expensive, the farther you go the cheaper the cost
• Living alone is not the same as moving with a partner or a family
So let’s get into it

Rent in Australia varies accordingly, so there is to scenarios

In this case you can be searching for a room to rent a studio apartment
Which will cost monthly around AU$2,300 in Expensive areas, and AU$1,700 in normal areas

Married (with a family):
As a family man you will be searching for a bigger apartment with 2 bedrooms at least or may be a house
This could be ranging around AU$3,150 in Expensive areas, and AU$2,184 in normal areas
Expensive areas are usually near the centers of the cities (as we mentioned before)

It differs for each individual but the average for a young adult living alone is between 100 -150 weekly, and if you are saving a little bit you can make it with 80 AUD weekly
With family it’s going to depend on the number of the family members, but family’s coast in the average of 150-200 AUD per week in case of 2-3 persons (Man, wife and a child)
Here are some main grocery items with its prices:
• 500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breast AU$6
• 1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk AU$1.32
• 12 eggs, large AU$6
• 1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes AU$5.26
• 500 gr (16 oz.) of local cheese AU$9
• 1 kg (2 lb.) of apples AU$4.42




The monthly average is:
• Main housing utilities (heating, electricity, gas ...) AU$340
• Internet AU$60
To sum up around AU$400
Notice that some apartments’ rent covers (Electricity – gas – water – internet)

If you are going to use public transportation (which is recommended if you live in the city or event work there), Monthly ticket public transport costs AU$140
In case you want to buy a car you can check for the prices for cash or installment system, and also keep in mind that you will pay insurance which could be higher than normal for foreigners as they are not used to the Australian roads and driving system (the driver seat is on the right)
To have an Idea about the prices Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 150 CV (or equivalent), with no extras, new costs AU$27,418
As for the Oil it costs AU$1.28 for liter 3

Total average:
If you are single around 2400 AUD, or 2900 AUD in case of living in expensive areas
With your family around 2800 AUD, or 3800 AUD in case of living in expensive areas
And there are some YouTube channels about expats in the UK, and they share their experience about the cost of life there


Before we dive into the culture and people of Australia, there is one of the most common questions about Australia that needs to be addressed 1st, what is the weather like there?
For a starter the seasons are opposite to the the countries in the northern hemisphere, the winter is from June to August and the summer is from December to February
As for the weather itself, it’s fluctuant not only between different areas but also in the same area during different times of the day, it could be Sunny in the Morning and raining in the Afternoon
But Mostly the weather is ward to hot in the northern parts of the country and ward to mild cold in the rest

People and cultural shock:
While English is the main language in Australia but it could be considered a different English than the one we know, the accent is different and considered a mix between the American and the British accents, and there is different slangs than the ones we used to as they like to shorten most of their phrases, for example;
• Arvo: Afternoon, as in "come round this arvo" (come visit this afternoon).
• Barbie: Barbeque – outdoor cooking on a gas grill or over coals. These are great social occasions in Australia, and it’s standard to ask what one can bring. Sometimes the host will even tell a guest to "bring a plate" (not a piece of crockery, but a food dish that can be shared), or that the event is "BYO" (bring your own meat and drinks).
• Cheers: Has a variety of meanings depending on context, such as "thanks", "bye", "you're welcome", or as a toast when drinking.
• How're you going?: Commonly used as a greeting.
• Barrack for: Cheer for or support.
• Shout: To buy someone a drink. It’s customary when out with friends to "shout a round", that is, buy a drink for everyone in your party. Everyone typically takes turns buying rounds.

Australians are really friendly and socialize quickly, and not in formal manner you can get invited to any “Barbie” and start knowing the people there and make new friends that are going to be real close and loyal quicker than you think, this is not a strange thing to the attitude here in Egypt but could be kind of a shock to other cultures
They may differ from the UK in the people’s attitude, but when it comes to the system, everyone must adhere to the rules and regulations of the low and work environment, and it’s not something to take lightly, whether driving in the street, during work, or anywhere else
This website is helpful for expats generally



Living as a doctor in the UK:
As anyplace in the world the medical profession is a highly respected career in Australia especially that in the past few years Australia has been working on raising their medical standards and improving their guidelines
So every procedure or action in the medical field should be according to the guidelines
The working hours is 38 hours weekly, with the possibility of adding overtime hours if you want to (paid double for each hour)
The approximate average salary In Australia (as it differs slightly according to city, and specialty) is from 200000 – 300000 AUD annually



Australian Medical and Dental Courses:



ADC is a test for International Dental Graduates seeking general registration with the Australian Dental council to be licensed to work in Australia.
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AMC test is for international medical graduates to get license to work in Australia.
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How to be a doctor in the Australia for foreigners:
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